Interview by Dr. Harald Karcher about Optical Automotive Multi-gigabit Ethernet

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At the Automotive Ethernet Congress by Elektronik automotive, WEKA Group, in March 2023 in Munich, Germany, Dr. Harald Karcher has spoken with César Esteban about KDPOF’s multi-gigabit Ethernet technology over optical fibers in cars. KDPOF had demonstrated how our optical connectivity technology will solve future challenges with in-vehicle networks. The demo setup included robust, EMC-safe, and low-cost in-vehicle high-speed links with connectors from leading suppliers like MD Elektronik and Yazaki.

Learn why the future in-vehicle network will be optical and which applications drive the bandwidth in automotive:


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We’re eagerly awaiting the final publication of the new IEEE 802.3cz Standard defining multi-gigabit optical Ethernet using graded-index glass optical fiber for automotive applications.

Many thanks, Harald Karcher, for giving us the chance to display latest connectivity highlights!