Non-visible 1 Gb/s Optical Wired Connectivity for Home

Non-Visible 1 Gb/s Optical Wired Connectivity for Home

Full Access Speeds on Home Wi-Fi

The POF backbone connects through in-wall cabling in conjunction with individual Wi-Fi access points, thus marrying the benefits of both Wi-Fi and POF: wireless connectivity and reliable wired performance.

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Best Online Game and Video Connectivity

POF connectivity provides very low latency and jitter, just like Ethernet wiring but without visible cabling installed. Applications such as Online Gaming or Video Streaming get their Quality of Experience (QoE) maximized.

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Easier FTTH Access to the Home

POF wire’s robustness and easy connectorization make an ideal complement for FTTH installations when reaching a centralized place for the router gets complicated for Glass Optical Fiber.

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