Optical High-speed Ethernet Demo at VECS 2023 in Sweden

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Optical High-speed Ethernet Demo at VECS 2023 in Sweden

We’re looking forward to presenting our newest automotive Ethernet demo setup over fiber optics at VECSVehicle Electronics and Connected Services – in Gothenburg, Sweden. This year’s theme is: what is next in the autonomous & electric future of transportation? From May 23 to 24, 2023 at stand C04:12 in hall C, Óscar Ciordia and César Esteban will demonstrate how KDPOF’s optical connectivity technology will solve future challenges with in-vehicle networks. The demo setup includes robust, EMC-safe, and low-cost in-vehicle high-speed links with connectors from leading suppliers like MD Elektronik and Yazaki.

In-vehicle Multi-gigabit Links over Glass Optical Fiber

In order to fulfil the needs of future connected and automated vehicles, KDPOF’s next-generation automotive Ethernet provides high-speed links up to 100 Gb/s over glass optical fibers (GOF). Instead of various port components, the new solution delivers a single-component, complete automotive multi-gigabit system. Optical Ethernet connectivity perfectly solves vehicles’ challenges and electrical interference thanks to its unbeatable electromagnetic compatibility, reliability, and low cost.

The new connector systems are very small, light-weight, and extremely inexpensive compared to the previous ones. With cost-down and consistency in focus, optics, fibers, connectors, and electronics already developed for nGBASE-SR are leveraged. Further specifications include 980 nm VCSEL (Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Laser), multimode OM3 fiber, and connectors. Applications comprise display connectivity, sensor-fusion backbone, and ADAS sensors, such as cameras, radar, and lidar.

We’re eagerly awaiting the final publication of the new IEEE 802.3cz Standard defining multi-gigabit optical Ethernet using graded-index glass optical fiber for automotive applications.

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