Automotive Ethernet Congress: Automotive Multi-gigabit is Optical

With new challenges like automated driving and electric power trains, In-Vehicle Network (IVN) requirements are quickly evolving. The IVN has to support use cases such as the vehicle data backbone, smart antennas, ADAS cameras/sensors, displays, and data loggers, which demand higher data bandwidth while maintaining the reliability level required by the automotive industry. When considering […]

VECS: KDPOF celebrated Proposed IEEE Optical Multi-gigabit Automotive Standard Achieving Milestone

VECS: KDPOF Celebrated Proposed IEEE Optical Multi-gigabit Automotive Standard Achieving Milestone

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At the recent VECS 2022 – Vehicle Electronics & Connected Services – International Trade Show from May 17 to 18, 2022 in Gothenburg, Sweden, KDPOF has celebrates the in-vehicle network standardization progress reaching the IEEE 802.3…
KDPOF Complements Renesas' New Vehicle Computer VC4Renesas

KDPOF Complements Renesas’ New Vehicle Computer VC4

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KDPOF proudly announced that their well-proven KD1053 PHY IC and integrated KD9351 FOT (Fiber Optic Transceiver) have been implemented by Renesas, a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, into the new next generation automotive…
KDPOF welcomes proposed IEEE optical multi-gigabit automotive Ethernet standard 802.3 achieving milestone

Proposed IEEE Optical Multi-gigabit Automotive Standard Achieves Milestone

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KDPOF congratulates the 802.3cz Task Force for the advance of the proposed IEEE 802.3cz standard to the IEEE 802.3 Working Group ballot stage. “We are happy that the IEEE 802.3 automotive optical multi-gigabit technically complete standard…
Efficient optical technology from KDPOF for safe backbone in vehicles

Automotive Communications Standards Presentation at IEEE Conference “Use of Standards in Industry”

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KDPOF will give insight on “Automotive Communications Standards” at the IEEE Conference “Use of Standards in Industry: IoT, Robotics, Automotive, and Communications” on 20 April 2022 in Madrid, Spain. The IEEE event will discuss the…
Funzin Integrates KDPOF ICs in New Devices “FAIP 3.0” and “Photon” for autonomous vehicles

Video Presentation of new Funzin Devices with KDPOF Inside

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At the recent CES 2022, Funzin and KDPOF have jointly presented their optical in-vehicle network solution for autonomous vehicles. Funzin, software development and edge AI solution company, have implemented KDPOF's KD1053 PHY IC and integrated…
EPIC New Product Event Featuring KDPOF’s Integrated KD9351 FOT

Presentation of Integrated KD9351 FOT at EPIC New Product Event

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At the recent Members New Product Release Event by EPIC, KDPOF presented the integrated KD9351 FOT that reduces cost for gigabit connectivity, thus providing efficient optical technology for safe backbone and ADAS sensor links in vehicles ...