Interview with Electronic Design: Optical Networking in Advanced Automotive Systems

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Alix Paultre, editor of Electronic Design, has talked with Kenny Yoon, Business Development Manager for South Korea and India at KDPOF, about using optical networking to empower advanced automotive functionality. KDPOF provides innovative high-speed optical networking for harsh environments. Making gigabit communications over fiber optics a reality, KDPOF technology supplies 1-Gb/s plastic optical fiber (POF) links for automotive, industrial, and home networks.


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In-vehicle Network Solution for Autonomous Vehicles

Funzin have integrated KDPOF’s KD1053 IC and integrated KD9351 FOT in the new Funzin AIoT Platform “FAIP 3.0” and Edge AI Device “Photon” for automotive. This automotive network solution features an Ethernet backbone environment based on plastic optical fiber to eliminate electronic wave interference. The new system solution provides the gigabit communication infrastructure needed for sending and receiving high-capacity data.

The AIoT Platform “FAIP 3.0” and Edge AI Device “Photon” contain a controller board, a POF QHD camera, and POF cable. The carrier board supports the connection with variety of POF legacy devices. It provides eight optical interfaces with KDPOF’s KD1053 and KD9351, delivering bandwidths of 1 gigabit per second each. In addition to low cost, the integrated KD9351 FOT shortens the supply chain and omits test duplication with the final test at Tier1. Furthermore, the assembly is simplified and the connector offers snap-fit without soldering.

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