Fiber Optics Benefits in Automotive and Industrial

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At ECOC 2022 (European Conference on Optical Communication) Virtual Catch-up, César Esteban, Applications and Support Manager at KDPOF, presented innovations and optical fiber benefits in automotive and industrial markets. Following ECOC 2022 in Basel, Switzerland, the virtual catch-up was the perfect place to re-connect with visitors, exhibitors, customers and colleagues and to revisit sessions from Market Focus and Product Focus.


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Innovations and Optical Fiber Benefits in Automotive and Industrial Markets

Noise in large installations, for example in factories, can interfere with communications when copper cables are used. In stand-alone environments, such as a vehicle, we also encounter a lot of communication pollution when using a copper-based system. A fiber optic-based system in Ethernet communications has several advantages that solve the problems caused by interference from different sources.

KDPOF presented their next-generation transceivers based on the optical multi-gigabit technology (xGBase-AU standards). Advantages of its application in the automotive and industrial sector, compared to xGBase-T1 copper solutions, include low cost, easy engineering, higher reach, EMC-issues free, galvanic isolation, industrial temperature range (from -40 ºC until 150 ºC), robust and low-cost connectors, and scalability.