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Job Opening: Digital Verification Engineer

Tasks and Responsibilities Verify digital logic using SystemVerilog and reusable, standardized methodologies. Verify digital systems that use both custom and standard IP components and interconnects, including microprocessor cores and hierarchical memory subsystems. Contribute to verification and modeling at the chip top level. Debug tests with design engineers to deliver functionally correct design blocks. Work closely with the design […]


Job Opening: Digital Firmware-Software Engineer

Tasks and Responsibilities Member of the R&D team in charge of the development of embedded firmware running on the company integrated circuits microprocessors, as well as development of the test programs used in production testing. The responsibilities of the Firmware/Test Engineer also include: Development of the continuous integration tests of the microprocessor firmware during ASIC prototyping. Participate in specification […]


Job Opening: Production Engineer

Tasks and Responsibilities Person in charge of production test continuous improvement, analysis of production data and product reliability assurance. The responsibilities of the Production Engineer include: Improvement of the test programs used in production, to optimize the test time, coverage and yield, while guaranteeing product reliability Analysis of production data (test results, PCM, etc.) Processing of […]