Wire Harness Congress: Multi-gigabit Networking Demands Complete Optical Communications System

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At the virtual Wire Harness Congress on September 22, 2021, KDPOF will inform about the status of Optical Multi-gigabit Connectivity in vehicles. In their presentation at 11:45, Juergen Schachtschneider, Automotive Manager Central Europe & Greater China, and César Esteban, Applications & Support Manager, will propose a complete optical communications system, which is under development by KDPOF and their industry partners.

As the auto industry approaches the 50 Gb/s*m speed-length threshold, the need to move from copper to optical physical data transmission media is becoming mandatory. Optical is the engineering-wise path for higher data rates. Together with several industry leaders, KDPOF is working on an optical communications system that will complement existing copper networks. Instead of various single devices, the new solution provides a complete package. The proposed Multi-gigabit system leverages existing technologies, as VCSELs (Vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser), multimode fibers and photodiodes already developed for the data centers industry. It will support Energy-Efficient Ethernet (EEE) tailored for automotive applications. The target BER is better than 10-12 with ambient operating temp from -40ºC up to 105ºC (AEC-Q100 grade 2) in harsh automotive environments. High reliability (15 yrs operation, less than 10 FIT) and outstanding EMC compliance will also be fulfilled. The technology in development is based on advanced digital signal processing based on high-speed DAC and ADC to implement all needed algorithms such as equalization or pre-coding. First engineering samples of the new automotive, single-chip, fully integrated Fiber Optic Transceiver package solution for 10 Gb/s will be available in fall 2021. A new optical automotive IVN communication standard is currently under development within IEEE under the name 802.3cz and is supported by several industry-leading companies.

We look forward to meeting you online at the congress! For any inquiries, please feel free to contact Juergen Schachtschneider.