Presentation "980nm VCSELs: New Standard in Automotive" by TRUMPF and KDPOF at ECOC 2022

At the European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) in September 2022 in Basel, Switzerland, Dr. Joseph Pankert, VP Product Management at Trumpf Photonic Components, and Rubén Pérez-Aranda, CTO and Co-founder of KDPOF, presented “980nm VCSELs: New Standard in Automotive”. KDPOF is proud to have been part of the program at the continent’s largest event in the […]

Demo showing robustness of Automotive Gigabit Ethernet over POF

KDPOF Presented EMC, Robustness, and Smooth Integration of POF at Automotive Ethernet Congress

, , , Demo showing robustness of automotive gigabit over POF At the recent Automotive Ethernet Congress in Munich, Germany, KDPOF presented the innovative Automotive Gigabit Ethernet Plastic…
Video: with a POF backbone inside the home with Wi-Fi access points, KDPOF provides maximum performance for both wireless and wired connectivity throughout the house.

Boosting Customer Quality of Experience through Optical Connectivity

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Although ISPs and Telecom have increased access speeds, customer satisfaction rates drop if home networks cannot keep up. This is particularly worrisome because Quality of Experience has become a very important differentiator for broadband…
Video: KDPOF Speeds up Home Networking with POF Backbone

Speeding up Home Networking with POF Backbone

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While ISPs and Telecom operators are offering higher and higher access speeds, users at home are connecting more and more devices locally to the internet, mostly over Wi-Fi. Applications like online gaming and video streaming are pushing…
Carlos Pardo presents KDPOF’s technology at the Automotive Ethernet Congress

Automotive Gigabit Ethernet: Successful Accomplishment of H2020 Project

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KDPOF proudly announces the successful completion of the H2020 Project, a considerable EU Research and Innovation program running from 2014 to 2020. KDPOF's target was to take the next steps into replicating and validating their Plastic…

Automotive Ethernet Congress: Gigabit POF for Electric Cars

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KDPOF generated great interest with their presentation of GEPOF technology at Automotive Ethernet Congress on January 30 and 31, 2018 in Munich, Germany. Electromagnetic noise is a major issue in any electrical power train, both in full…

Telefónica revolutionizes the connectivity market with plastic fibre and 60GHz Wi-Fi

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Plastic optical fibre (POF) guarantees up to 1 Gbps, is easy to install, given that it can use all the existing channels in the home, and is secure, as it cannot be intercepted. The 60GHz Wi-Fi permits bandwidth with a theoretical maximum…