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Proof-of-Concept of an Automotive Optical Surround View System

César Esteban, Application and Support Manager of KDPOF, is demonstrating a Proof-of-Concept of an automotive optical surround view system: the four cameras on top of a demo car are transmitting video data at 100 Megabits per second to their corresponding media converters. The media converters are converting from copper to optical: one, two, three, and four, one for each camera. The blinking green LED on the media converter indicates that the data traffic is running through. The orange LED shows that the optical link is at 100 Mbps. The traffic is sent to this optical GEPOF (Gigabit Ethernet Plastic Optical Fiber) switch, which has five ports. The four left ports are in orange because these are from the cameras with 100 Mbps each. The green LED on the right is the GEPOF link with 1 Gigabit per second. It is linked to this fifth media converter that is aggregating the traffic of the four cameras. The four video sequences are transmitted to a PC, which functions as display unit. The four streams are displayed simultaneously. The hosted hub consists of the GEPOF switch and five media converters.