50 Gb/s Optical Automotive Ethernet Demo Strikes at Automotive Ethernet Congress

We are grateful and overwhelmed by the great interest we have received for our 50 Gb/s Optical Automotive Ethernet demo at the Automotive Ethernet Congress in Munich in February 2020. During Carlos Pardo’s presentation “Optical Multi-Gigabit Ethernet – on the Verge of IEEE Standardization and Implementation”, the audience listened in spellbound silence before peppering him with technical questions. Our exhibition stand had been well-attended the whole event. Furthermore, after the presentation, it was virtually flooded by interested automotive industry representatives.   

In-vehicle networks are on the brink of speeds from one to multiple gigabits per second. With the approval of the IEEE 802.3 working group, a team of individuals affiliated with more than 15 key carmakers and components suppliers, including KDPOF, has started the standardization of an IEEE 802.3 Automotive Optical Multi-Gigabit Standard with strong support from the industry. The study group evaluates the creation of an IEEE Ethernet standard for the automotive industry, with speeds starting at 2.5 Gb/s, going up to 25 or 50 Gb/s, and scalable up to 100 Gb/s. The key advantages of the optical solution for specific applications using multi-gigabit speeds with in-vehicle connectivity are, among others, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) thanks to the inherent galvanic isolation, low weight, and low cost.  

For further details, please download the white paper “Off-the-shelf System Solution: Optical Multi-Gigabit Connectivity in Vehicles