Home Network: POF Daisy Chain Outlet

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Installing POF will help to improve the Internet connectivity in the home. A POF link can cover up to 50 m, giving 1 Gb/s performance. The installation does not require high level skills and can be done with simple tools. POF cable is typically installed through the existing conduits in the house, so it’s easy to reach any room and keep the cable hidden.

This video shows how to connect and check a daisy-chain (DC) POF installation by using commercial equipment. Key points are the simplicity and quickness of the cut and connect. The daisy chain POF outlet consists of two RJ45 copper ports and two optical POF ports. It allows installations in DC topology, which can cover multiple rooms.

List of materials used in the video:

  • 2x POF media converters + PSUs
  • 1x POF daisy chain outlet + PSU
  • POF cable
  • 2x laptop
  • 1x STB
  • 3x UTP cable
  • KDPOF monitoring tool