First Gigabit Ethernet POF (GEPOF) Transceiver KD1053 Presented to Public at ELIV

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KDPOF displayed first samples of their automotive grade Gigabit Ethernet POF (GEPOF) transceiver KD1053 at the VDI Congress ELIV “ELectronics In Vehicles” in October 2017 in Bonn, Germany. KD1053 is the first fully integrated automotive transceiver to implement the physical layer of Gigabit Ethernet over POF. The presentation generated great interest. Thank you to all for meeting at our stand.

The KD1053 fully meets the requirements of carmakers by providing high connectivity with a flexible digital host interface, low latency, low jitter, and low linking time. In addition, it complies with the new standard amendment IEEE Std 802.3bv™ for gigabit Ethernet over POF. KDPOF provides comprehensive support equipment such as application notes, reference design, evaluation boards and kits in order to enable users a fast and easy design start. POF technology outplays copper solutions not only in electromagnetic compatibility and immunity, but also provides galvanic isolation, lower weight, and low cost. Automotive applications with the KD1053 include 100 Mbps and 1 Gbps Ethernet links such as battery management systems (BMS), inter-domain communications backbones, antenna hubs, autonomous driving, and ADAS with surround view.