AESIN 2018: Gigabit Ethernet Implementation for ADAS & AV

Optical Gigabit Ethernet Becomes IEEE Standard

Presentation at AESIN: EMC Lessons Learned on Gigabit Ethernet Implementation for ADAS & AV

KDPOF will participate at AESIN (Automotive Electronics Innovation) Conference on October 2, 2018 at the National Motorcycle Museum near Solihull in the West Midlands, UK. In his presentation “EMC Lessons Learned on Gigabit Ethernet Implementation for ADAS & AV” at 16:30, Rubén Pérez de Aranda, CTO and Co-founder of KDPOF, will describe the lessons learnt of the iterative design process with the final goal to bring into the market a mass production automotive Gigabit Ethernet PHY integrated in an ECU meeting the most stringent EMC specifications. In the exhibition area, KDPOF will display demos of gigabit Ethernet network highlights in operation.

“With autonomous driving applications emerging, it is of vital importance that all the systems involved in its implementation perform as intended under any unexpected situation,” explained Rubén Pérez de Aranda. “One of the most important unexpected situations that autonomous driving electronics systems have to deal with are related with Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).” This is even more important as the in-car network speeds are demanded to increase to accommodate the driverless systems requirements. Higher speeds are achieved by wider use of the electromagnetic spectrum. This situation makes the underlying communications systems implementation less immune to radiated and conducted noises. This also forces OEMs to impose more and more stringent emissions limits to the electronics components that many times are tighter than the demands imposed by the international standards. Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) is ideal for the new architectures since it provides natural galvanic isolation between communicating modules and a radiation free harness.

Please see the AESIN Conference site for more information.