Carlos Pardo (Co-Founder)



President & CEO

Mr. Pardo has served as a strategic profile manager in the microelectronics industry and with leading R&D teams. He has  extensive knowledge in the high tech silicon industry, as well as in both hardware and software development.

He previously worked as a technical director in SIDSA managing R&D departments, development products, production, and customer support, among others. Mr. Pardo also was part of Hewlett Packard SA Spanish as an R&D engineer for a variety of other business functions and DS2 (Design of Systems on Silicon SA).

Mr. Pardo holds a degree in Industrial Engineering from the University Pontificia de Comillas of Madrid, (Spain) with an Industrial Engineering ICAI specialization in industrial electronics.


Rubén Pérez de Aranda (Co-Founder)



Mr. Pérez de Aranda has served as a profile manager on R&D projects in digital communication systems, including channel coding and modulation schemes design, synchronization and timing recovery, channel and noise estimation algorithms, optimal equalization algorithms and Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) systems, and developing technology patents.

He previously worked as the head of the Project R&D department of SIDSA Systems-on-Chip, leading important projects related to DSL technology and 4GBB (4th Generation Broadband), the more promising successor of the hybrid fiber/copper VDSL2 access technology. Mr. Pérez de Aranda also has  collaborated in DS2 as a software R&D engineer in the firmware department designing and implementing real-time software for PLC modems as well as VoIP over PLC.

Mr. Pérez de Aranda holds a degree in industrial engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid (Spain), specializing in automatic control and electronics.