KDPOF on Soy-de TV: Plans to Produce Spanish Chips

Report by Soy-de TV – Interview with Carlos Pardo: Soy-de TV talked to our CEO about the semiconductor factory he wants to set up in Tres Cantos. Read more

Job opening with KDPOF: Electronic Laboratory Technician

Tasks and Responsibilities

You will be in charge of verifying the operation of analog and digital electronic circuits using measurement equipment and analysis and configuration software systems.

  • Execution of tests with different equipment (ATE, oscilloscopes, sources, multimeters protocol/spectrum/network analyzers, microscope, etc.).
  • Operations related to stress tests (use of ovens, preconditioning of parts to be tested, etc.).
  • Preparation of test reports.
  • Laboratory master (keeping things in place, replenishing consumables, etc.).
  • Skill in soldering operations with SMD components.
  • Firmware update tasks, maintenance, and internal checks of laboratory equipment.

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