Presentation "980nm VCSELs: New Standard in Automotive" by TRUMPF and KDPOF at ECOC 2022

At the European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC) in September 2022 in Basel, Switzerland, Dr. Joseph Pankert, VP Product Management at Trumpf Photonic Components, and Rubén Pérez-Aranda, CTO and Co-founder of KDPOF, presented “980nm VCSELs: New Standard in Automotive”. KDPOF is proud to have been part of the program at the continent’s largest event in the […]

KDPOF on Soy-de TV: Plans to Produce Spanish Chips

KDPOF on Soy-de TV: Plans to Produce Spanish Chips

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In the interview with Soy-de TV, Carlos Pardo has talked about the chip factory he plans to set up in Tres Cantos, Spain: "Europe only manufactures 10% of the chips made in the world. We are very dependent on Asia and, secondarily, on the United States. We want to do our bit in this transition to stop depending so much on Asia ...
Automotive Multi-gigabit Optical Connectivity

High-speed Communications for Next-generation In-vehicle Networks

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This video about automotive multi-gigabit optical connectivity presents the standardized solution under development by KDPOF to reach a 50 Gb/s bit rate over 40 meters of wiring harness. In the process, we’ll comply with the hardest OEM’s…
Funzin Integrates KDPOF ICs in New Devices “FAIP 3.0” and “Photon” for autonomous vehicles

Video Presentation of new Funzin Devices with KDPOF Inside

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At the recent CES 2022, Funzin and KDPOF have jointly presented their optical in-vehicle network solution for autonomous vehicles. Funzin, software development and edge AI solution company, have implemented KDPOF's KD1053 PHY IC and integrated…
EPIC New Product Event Featuring KDPOF’s Integrated KD9351 FOT

Presentation of Integrated KD9351 FOT at EPIC New Product Event

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At the recent Members New Product Release Event by EPIC, KDPOF presented the integrated KD9351 FOT that reduces cost for gigabit connectivity, thus providing efficient optical technology for safe backbone and ADAS sensor links in vehicles ...
Interview of Alix Paultre, Electronic Design, with Kenny Yoon from KDPOF

Interview with Electronic Design: Optical Networking in Advanced Automotive Systems

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Alix Paultre, editor of Electronic Design, has talked with Kenny Yoon, Business Development Manager for South Korea and India at KDPOF, about using optical networking to empower advanced automotive functionality. KDPOF provides innovative high-speed…
Display of High-speed Data Communications at IEEE SA Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day

Successful Demo of High-speed Data Communications at IEEE Auto Tech Day

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KDPOF has displayed their high-speed connectivity solutions for the communications in vehicle data networks at the IEEE SA Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Days from November 3 to 4, 2021 in Munich, Germany, and online. Optical connectivity…