KDPOF Showcases Optical network solutions at IEEE´s Ethernet & IP Automotive Technology Day 2015


KDPOF demonstrates Optical networking solutions for the World’s Top Automotive Brands

YOKOHAMA, Oct. 26th, 2015  — At the 2015 IEEE Ethernet & IP Automotive Technology Day, KDPOF, a global innovation leader in semiconductor solutions for optical communications, will showcase its full line of automotive connectivity technologies, including its Plastic Optical Fiber Automotive Ethernet portfolio and solutions for next generation Connected Cars.

KDPOF’s automotive integrated circuits (ICs) are driving disruptive innovation throughout the industry, providing the technology required to deliver advanced driver safety and infotainment features to a broad spectrum of vehicles. For more news, visit KDPOF´s  Newsroom.

Industry analysts predict 100 percent of new cars to be Internet-enabled by 2025, an industry revolution that will redefine the driving experience. As a result of the significant increase in volume and complexity of in-car electronics, demand for connectivity solutions that offer low-cost, high speed transmission and bandwidth is on the rise. Collision warnings, comfort controls, infotainment and advanced driver assistance are just some of today’s sophisticated features enabled by KDPOF´s  technology.

KDPOF´s technology is currently being standardized by IEEE under the 802.3 group with the name of 802.3bv and will soon be part of the leading communication technologies globally known as Ethernet.

The new 1000BASE-RH standard defines a PHY layer for Gigabit communication over Plastic Optical Fiber. Optical communications are the optimum solution for the future broadband automotive networks as they are electromagnetically immune which is a key on the ever-growing  presence of electrical and hybrid power trains.