KDPOF presents its Gigabit POF solution in the 2014 FTTH Conference

FTTH 2014


KDPOF will show its Gigabit POF technology up and running within commercial equipment from leading home and FTTH networking vendors like SkyLane Optics and Digital Strom at the next FTTH Conference that will take place this february in Stockholm.

Broadband Home Networks are the natural consequence of the high broadband access speeds offered by FTTH and new, easy to install and reliable technologies are needed. The concept of a mixed POF-WiFi in home network is the sweet spot that balances the need for speed, always on, always fast thanks to the POF backbone along with local WiFi AP´s providing mobility within the home.

A short presentation will be given at the Show on 19th Feb from 10:00 to 10:20 at the Exhibitor Presentation Room. The full program for the Exhibitor Presentation Room can be found on the conference website: http://stockholm.ftthcouncil.eu/programme/exhibitors-presentations

See you at SkyLane Optic´s booth S22, at the next FTTH Conference in Stockholm. See you there!