ELIV VDI Congress: Great Interest in Optical Gigabit Ethernet in Vehicles

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KDPOF demoed galvanic isolation of Gigabit Ethernet POF at ELIV VDI Congress

KDPOF’s presenting their optical Gigabit Ethernet connectivity with high electromagnetic compatibility at the recent International ELIV (ELectronics In Vehicles) VDI Congress in Bonn, Germany, received great interest. In battery management systems, galvanic isolation is necessary between primary and secondary systems. Due to its inherent galvanic isolation, POF perfectly solves the electrical and interference challenges of new powertrain architectures for electric and autonomous driving. KDPOF is proud that the first application of a Battery Management System (BMS) based on optical connectivity will soon go into production. By the end of 2019, the first carmaker will start assembly of a battery management system with POF connectivity.