Just released for the Automotive Market. Gigabit Ethernet over POF Kit


MADRID, Apr. 4, 2016  — KDPOF, the leading semiconductor supplier for the Automotive connectivity over Plastic Optical Fiber, has just released a Kit aimed for the Automotive Industry evaluation of the Gigabit Ethernet over POF technolgy.

The GEPOF (nickname for Gigabit Ethernet over POF), Automotive Kit is targeted for OEM and Tier supplier technology evaluation. The kit is self-contained and includes all the needed components to set up and test 100 and 1000 Mbps links over POF.

The kit is based on the “SFP-POF” electronic board that allows versatile, auto-grade Lab measurements at extreme operating temperature, radiation and voltage corners.

The kit is fully operational just out of the box including:

  • 2 SFP-POF media converter boards
  • 15 meters of POF harness with 4 in-line connectors
  • 40 meters or a single POF harness
  • Testing auxiliar material:
    • 100/1000 SFP modules for BASE-T and BASE-X links
    • Cat5e and Twinax cables
    • 15 meters MM GOF harness for EMC measurements
    • POF link visual inspection tool

The kit is designed for operations between -40 ºC to 105 ºC with a 12 V Battery voltage supply.

A kit brochure may be downloaded HERE