Madrid October 2013

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In the frame of the 1st Smart Building congress organized by “Grupo Tecma Red” that has taken place in Madrid 23rd and 24th of October, Swiss company CASACOM and KDPOF have presented the next generation Home networking system based on KDPOF´s 1 Gbps over POF technology.

The event was attended by the technical building constructors, architects and major decision makers of the building industry in Spain.

The presentation can be downloaded here: Ponencia KDPOF-CASACOM

You can see the video of the presentation here: Video

Baden-Baden (Germany), October 2013


KDPOF has joined forces with optoelectronics company AVAGO and automotive car harness  manufacturer YAZAKI to offer the automotive industry a 1 Gbps solution based on current automotive-qualified POF and connector system.

The place : Baden-Baden, in the frame of what is probably the most important automotive electronics show organized by VDI, the “Electronic Systems for Motor Vehicles” forum.

The result: A major impact for the automotive industry that is in strong need for a next generation communication bus that is able to support 1 Gbps data speeds.

The three companies showed a practical system streaming uncompressed 1 Gbps  ADAS data over an automotive grade POF and connector system. The link comprised 25 m of POF with one intermediate connector as well as another link 16m long with four intermediate connectors.

The system is ready for the market and waiting just for final automotive industry validation for some of its components. Other solutions based on copper are still in definition phase years away from market introduction.

You can download a white paper summarizing the system proposal and value proposition for the automotive industry here: POF in Automotive Camera Apps 

yazaki_logo AVAGO-logo-145-100 Stuttgart (Germany). September 2013


In the frame of the 3rd Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day that took place in Stuttgart, 25th-26th of September, KDPOF in collaboration with AVAGO and YAZAKI has presented his Gigabit POF solution for the automotive market.

The demonstration shown was based on an stereoscopic ADAS module streaming an uncompressed 1 Gbps stream down into a central ECU using automotive-grade POF. The link was 25 m long with 1 intermediate connector. A 16 m link with 4 intermediate connectors was shown as well.

The joint proposal of the three companies had a tremendous impact among carmakers, bus and truck OEMs and Tier-1 companies attending the event as this implies a major step forward to support near-future automotive needs. Other technological alternatives to support a 1 Gbps data channel based on copper cables are still years away from the market with the added drawback of an unknown performance and price setpoint.

You can download a white paper describing the proposed solution along with its value proposition here.