UK January 2012


Automotive Industries, the reference publication for automotive professionals has published in his February 2013 edition an interview with KDPOF´s CEO Carlos Pardo.

This edition features the latest developments in embedded electronics solutions/In-vehicle Infotainment, with interviews from Christian Thiel (MOST Cooperation), and CEO/Automotive spokespersons representing the worlds leading solution providers. This coverage reports on, and updates the industry with the latest technological innovation, and MOST related product development.

The interview covers the new Technology released by the company KDPOF, Knowledge Development for POF, to the automotive market to enable Gigabit networks in the car over Plastic Optical Fibre. In words of AI: “Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) technology is rapidly replacing existing systems as OEMs strive to meet consumer demand for more electronic devices in cars“. 

In words of Mr. Pardo: “The key automotive challenges center around two factors – lowering cost and weight while maintaining reliability. A gigabit solution based on currently qualified and available SI-POF and optoelectronic devices ensures a cost competitive solution to the market with a substantial weight saving to the vehicle. The new technology opens the door to next generation applications and safety features in the car without paying the penalty of an increase in weight, or incurring the cost of alternatives.

See the full interview at AI´s website: Full Interview