With Automotive grade quality the KD1051/52 are ideally suited for in-car network applications. Ethernet compatible, KD1051/52 facilitates the addition of POF ports to any on-board electronic device. The KD1051/52 is the best option for the current automotive 100 Mbps Ethernet backbone.

  • Data Interfaces: KD1051 RGMII v2.0, RMII and MII and 100BASE-X (KD1052)
  • Key Features: 100 Mbps data interface over Automotive grade SI-POF. EMC immune. Low latency (1 Gbps mode for evaluation purposes only)
  • Typical Applications: BroadrReach replacement for EMC critical applications. Infotainment network, ADAS networks, autonomous car backbone, Battery Management Systems, etc.
  • Package: QFN (KD1051) and LGA (KD1052)
  • Availability: Available


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The evaluation kit contains two media converter boards, KD-EVB1052-MC-RTL8211, which interface to the included KDPOF graphical user interface (GUI) tool on a PC/MAC/Linux platform for easy monitoring and control. The KD-EVK1052-MC Media Converter Evaluation Kit provides evaluation capabilities in a self-contained and flexible platform enabling product designers to successfully evaluate the performance of KD1051/52-based end products.

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The KDPOF EVB1051AUTO-SW-NXP Aautomotiveswitchutomotive Gigabit-POF Switch is an evaluation board of the KDPOF KD1051 Automotive Gigabit Ethernet POF Transceiver. It is based on the new NXP SJA1105 Automotive Gigabit Ethernet switch. The board provides three POF ports and one BroadR-Reach port. The EVB1051AUTO-SW-NXP board provides evaluation capabilities in a flexible platform, requested by the automotive OEM and TIER-1 for the use case of the automotive gigabit backbone.


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