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A well known communication medium in industrial and automotive networks due to its high reliability in very harsh environments, POF has found another niche market in home and small office/home office networks.

We believe an ideal solution for home networks should bring the benefits of mobility and wire-free installation from Wi-Fi without its inherent coverage, unreliable performance, and potential health issues. An optimal home networking solution is a plastic optical fiber (POF) backbone that connects the home through in-wall cabling, used in conjunction with individual Wi-Fi spots in each room that requires a Wi-Fi connection. This solution will marry the benefits of both Wi-Fi and POF, while eliminating the drawbacks mentioned earlier.

Localized Wi-Fi spots in each room will allow a radiated signal power reduction to accommodate the limited range required to cover just the room, and thus solve the coverage, reliability and health issues all at once. In addition to this, as the power requirement will be limited to that needed to simply cover a room, congestion is avoided allowing higher channel reuse and a better performance of the Wi-Fi channels which translates into higher speeds for mobile devices. The POF backbone will deliver the full bandwidth available at the home internet access point to all the Wi-Fi locations in each room without a performance lost.

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POF provides numerous advantages over other home network transmission media, such as PLC (communication using the power lines), MoCA (coaxial cable), G.hn (phone cable) or CAT5/CAT6. Due to its ultra-thin diameter of 1.5 mm, POF can be easily deployed in new constructions or retrofit installations, and either inside wall ducts or outside the wall, or even along baseboards, or under carpets.

Both professional and do-it-yourself (DIY) installers can deploy POF using basic tools, such as a cutter or a pair of scissors, and inexpensive plastic connectors. As it is immune to misalignment and easy to install, POF can be deployed even by a unskilled person.

Thanks to its optical nature, POF is completely immune to electrical noise. In other words, existing copper wiring will not interfere with data passing through POF so it even can be installed next to electrical cabling.

POF, connectors, and optoelectronics also are low-cost consumer parts which is a great advantage for installers who save on material and installation, and testing and maintenance time.

Advantages of POF in Home/SOHO Networks

The following table summarizes the main advantages of POF versus Glass Optical Fiber (GOF) and CAT5 copper cable:

Commercially available products in the market today provide data links of only 200 Mbps up to 50 meters over standard SI-POF.

Download this white paper which compares the different network alternatives for home/SOHO installations

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The typical application of Gigabit POF within the home is as a backbone for the home network. In the following figure a typical floor planning for a home network based on a start topology is shown:

Credit: Homefibre GmbH




A typical cost of such pre-installation consists on a POF pre-cabling of conduit sharing POF network with 16 links of 15m each (240m total). With an average total cost (manpower and parts) of 1.2 €/m adds up to a total of 288 € for the total installation.

A comparison of a POF based installation against a Copper CAT 5 installation shows the advantages to POF derived from its easier installation and sharing of conduits:

Credit: Homefibre


 KDPOF value proposition

Providing data rates of more than 1 Gbps and assured Quality of Service (QoS) to every device in the home, KDPOF technology is a future proof solution and a good alternative for the distribution of present and future multimedia services as well as data sharing within the home or small office. These features are ideally suited for emerging IPTV and digital video services, where the Quality of Experience (QoE) and guaranteed data-rate are the most important factors for a successful deployment.

The performance page provides in detail the KDPOF technology capabilities for home installations.

Due to their adaptivity, KDPOF products provide a flexible data link with an on-the-fly optimization of the operation to achieve the highest communication capacity for any DIY or professional installation.

You can find all the information about the ECOSYSTEM around Plastic Optical Fiber in Home Networking applications HERE

KDPOF is working with world’s leading consumer electronics products manufacturers and service providers to innovate a new generation of ultra-reliable products for whole-home networking and digital home entertainment.