VDE publishes First standard on Gigabit Communications over POF

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Madrid, September 2013

The German normalization Institution VDE, DKE, has published the first standard which normalizes Gigabit communications over Plastic Optical Fibres. The new norm with number DIN VDE V 0885-763:2013-09 defines the physical layer for a number of high speed PHYs that use Plastic Optical Fibres (POF) as the transmission medium. In addition to multiple media, this document supports different speeds and channel lengths. All the PHYs specified in this document share a common Physical Coding Sublayer (PCS) and a Physical Medium Attachment (PMA) sublayer. This VDE document is structured in a common part that specifies the PCS and PMA sublayers in a general form and separate specifications for each particular PHY (in independent annexes). The specifications for each PHY include the definition of the parameters for the PCS and PMA sublayers and the Physical Medium Dependent (PMD) specifications for the media type used. KDPOF acknowledges the VDE  team that has been working on this new standard for the last three years and celebrates the release of a valuable norm for equipment vendors that intend to release Gigabit POF ready products to the market. The European Telecomunications Normalization Institute ETSI will soon reference the new VDE standard on the next release of their Technical Specification TS 105 75-1-1 for communications over POF. The norm can be purchased at the VDE web-shop: LINK