KDPOF´s approach to a low-cost and highly efficient communication system over standard SI-POF has been to reuse as much as possible the currently market available optoelectronic devices. The result has been a PHY that can operate with current low-cost, high volume light sources (red LEDs) and photodiodes used in POF installations.

Traditionally, gigabit-class fiber optic transceivers are based on 850 nm and higher wavelength light sources, precision mounted on complex optical assemblies, which couple into 200 micron and smaller core glass optical fibers. KDPOF´s compatible gigabit-class transceivers utilize  eye-safe, visible 650 nm (red) LEDs packaged in a transparent plastic moulded package with integrated lenses for easy coupling into 1mm core POF.

 Gigabit Transceivers

Leading optoelectronic companies have launched new optical transceivers optimized for operation with Gigabit POF standard PHY´s like KDPOF´s. Some examples are Broadcom, Firecomms and Hamamatsu.

It is important to remember that optimum performance of the overall communications channel is only achieved when the right optical transceiver is used. Using a low-speed transceiver with a Gigabit POF standard PHY will translate into unnaceptable performance.