The KD1056/7 is an Automotive grade PHY layer chip. Its DVP interface is ideally suited for point-to-point, low-cost data links between an image sensor (KD1056) and an image processing unit or display (KD1057). The KD1056 encapsulates the video and control data in packets and sends them over the POF link without adding any latency or jitter for KD1057 de-encapsulation. Thanks to the KD1056/7 video compression is no longer needed reducing the cost and complexity of the system and avoiding any latency that could affect system accuracy.

  • Data Interfaces:¬†Digital Video Port (DVP)
  • Key Features: EEE, 1 Gbps “raw” data speed
  • Typical Applications:¬†Point to point links between cameras/sensors and central processing units
  • Availability: 2019