KD1001The KD1001, a fully integrated Gigabit POF Ethernet transceiver, is optimized for low-power and a small footprint. This new transceiver implements the physical layer of the ETSI TS  to transmit data on standard SI-POF, MC-POF or PCS.  It is manufactured using a 65-nm CMOS process, which offers the best performance, lowest cost, and lowest power for Gigabit POF solutions.

The transceiver incorporates leading-edge digital communication technology developed by KDPOF, which is based on the company’s reliable and short time-to-market ASIC architecture. The custom Digital Signal Processor is based on Transport Triggered Architecture (TTA), optimized for adaptive filtering.

The KD1001 transceiver is designed to fulfill the requirements of the POF home networking market. Home and small office networks are two of the key applications for future POF networking development. The KD1001 ASIC is the perfect device to integrate Gigabit capabilities in POF ports with a low cost BOM. Its built-in analog interface, simplifies connectivity to FOTs. Examples of products able to incorporate POF ports based on the KD1001 ASIC include set top boxes, routers, digital TVs, and network-attached drives, as well as network components like switches, wall plugs and media converters (such as  POF-to-copper).

  • Data Interfaces: RGMII, GMII, MII either as MAC or PHY
  • Key Features: EEE, ETSI TS Gigabit POF standard compatible and 100 Fx backwards compatible.
  • Typical Applications: POF to 100/1000Base-T media converters for DIY installations, wall plugs, low density switches, etc.
  • Production status: In production
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The evaluation kit contains two media converter boards, KD-EVB1011-MC-RTL8211, which interface to the included KDPOF graphical user interface (GUI) tool on a PC/MAC/Linux platform for easy monitoring and control. The KD-EVK1001-MC Media Converter Evaluation Kit provides evaluation capabilities in a self-contained and flexible platform enabling product designers to successfully evaluate the performance of KD1001-based end products.

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