With its RGMII and SGMII Ethernet interfaces, the KD1002 enables a wide variety of devices to provide Gigabit POF connectivity, such as SFP applications or high-density switches. With a commercial temperature range and backwards compatibility with legacy 100FX installations the KD1002 is an ideal product for home and SOHO networks.

Download KD1002 Product Brochure

The KD1002 fully integrated Gigabit POF Ethernet serial transceiver is optimized for low-power and features a small footprint. This new transceiver implements the physical layer to transmit data on standard SI-POF, MC-POF, or PCS (Plastic Clad Silica). The KD1002 transceiver offers the best performance, lowest cost, and lowest power for Gigabit POF solutions.

  • Data Interfaces: RGMII v2.0, SGMII & 1000BASE-X interfaces as PHY or MAC side, 2.5V & 3.3V LVTTL I/O standard on parallel interface; and 2.5V LVDS I/0 on the serial ones
  • Key Features: Reduces package and pin-out with LGA-88 format.
  • Typical Applications: POF ports based on the KD1002 ASIC can be implemented in many network components, including high-density switches, routers, wall plugs, media converters and Small Form Factor Plug-able (SFP) modules. It is designed to be used with current off-the-shelf photonics, including RCLED, LED, and PIN PD which are currently used
  • Production status: In production