Our technology

KDPOF has developed a high spectral efficiency communication technology that exploits the available capacity of large core Plastic Optical Fibres (POF). It is not only a theoretic system, but a fully engineered solution for large core standard fibers like SI-POF that is implementable with currently standard microelectronic technology.

KDPOF´s technology approaches uniquely the available communication capacity delivering a transmission system that automatically adapts its operation (bit-rate and equalization) to variable operating conditions like temperature, fiber, bending, coupling losses, connector aging, etc.

As POF is closer to Copper or Air than to GOF as a transmission media, we have envisioned the usage of techniques similar to those implemented in copper and wireless communication systems to approach the maximum theoretical capacity limit of the fiber.


Introducing Energy Efficiency in the VDE 0885-763-1 Standard for High Speed Communication over Plastic Optical Fibers

December 2012

Abstract: In October 2012, the VDE 0885-763-1 standard for high speed communication over Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) was published. The new standard enables 1 Gb/s communication over 50 meters of POF and is intended for use in automotive, industrial and home networking applications. One of the goals of the standard is to achieve good energy efficiency and to that end it incorporates a low power mode. This is similar to the case of Ethernet where a low power mode was introduced by the Energy Efficient Ethernet (IEEE 802.3az) standard in 2010. In this paper, the energy efficiency mechanisms incorporated in the VDE 0885-763-1 standard are described and evaluated. The evaluation is done by simulation and the results are also compared to those of Energy Efficient Ethernet. The conclusion is that VDE 0885-763-1 will provide good energy efficiency even at low/medium loads.

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A standard for gigabit Ethernet over POF. Product Implementation

October 2011

Abstract:This paper presents KDPOF technology in the POF communications systems, as well as propose KDPOF simplified physical layer as the optimum upgrade of the current MOST standard to achieve the 1 Gb/s. MOST1000 has to decide whether to change the SI-POF and current LEDs and Photo-Diodes to more expensive ones, or to upgrade the physical layer using the most advanced techniques in communication theory included in the KDPOF physical layer. Detailed studies, as well as clear conclusions are presented in the paper.

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Advanced Physical Layer for Robust and Low-cost Gigabit Automotive Communications

July 2010

Abstract: This paper presents KDPOF, a physical layer technology able to provide reliable 1 Gbps communications over low cost Step Index Plastic Optical Fiber (SI-POF) to the automobile industry. A general description of KDPOF technology is provided, as a global solution for many communication applications over POF. Constraints and simplifications are introduced in order to fulfill with the automotive requirements, as flexible cabling topologies and fixed bit-rate. After this, detailed information about link power budget, latency and jitter of simplified KDPOF technology for automotive is provided. It is also presented the implementation of a prototype based on KDPOF technology that performs 1 Gbps error-free communication over 50 m of 1mm standard SI-POF.

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