Extensive evaluation kit EVK9351AUT from KDPOF eases project start for optical gigabit connectivity in vehicles

KDPOF presents the new extensive evaluation kit EVK9351AUT for a quick and easy project launch of optical gigabit connectivity in vehicles. “Our new EVK9351AUT equips carmakers, suppliers, and test houses to fully evaluate the KDPOF automotive transceivers KD9351 and KD1053 for automotive optical 1000BASE-RHC PHY implementation,” explained Carlos Pardo, CEO and Co-founder of KDPOF. “We […]

KDPOF presents an optical link concept with Gigabit Ethernet over POF for telematics control modules

KDPOF Introduces POF Link for Telematics Control Module

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KDPOF presents an optical link concept for telematics control modules. “Several OEMs choose the IEEE Std 802.3bv™ for Gigabit Ethernet over POF (GEPOF), which is the ideal solution to connect Smart Antenna to the central communications…
KDPOF robust, low latency POF backbone provides guaranteed Gigabit Wi-Fi mesh

Guaranteed Wi-Fi Mesh up to 1 Gigabit with Robust, Low Latency POF Backbone

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KDPOF boosts Wi-Fi performance to the next level for homes and small and home offices. “With our robust, low latency Plastic Optical Fiber, we provide the highest Wi-Fi mesh performance with a guaranteed 1 Gigabit per second to each access…
Future-ready: KDPOF automotive Gigabit Ethernet provides electromagnetic compatibility, robustness, and smooth integration

Optical Network Is Ready for Future Wire Harness Architectures

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KDPOF – leading supplier for gigabit transceivers over POF (Plastic Optical Fiber) – will present automotive Gigabit Ethernet POF (GEPOF) for future wire harness architectures at stand 18 at the 7th International Conference Automotive…
KDPOF's optical data network enhances safety for autonomous driving

Optical Data Network Enhances Safety for Autonomous Driving

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KDPOF provide their optical network technology in order to enhance safety for autonomous driving. “For safety-related functions such as the data network backbone, autonomous driving requires redundant systems in order to increase safety and…
KDPOF’s optical connectivity provides galvanic isolation for Battery Management Systems and Smart Antenna Modules

Galvanic Isolation Secures New 48-volt Electrical Architectures

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KDPOF provide their optical connectivity technology in order to secure new 48-volt electrical architectures via the inherent galvanic isolation. “The new 48-volt electrical architecture pushes the envelope in terms of electromagnetic compatibility…
JASPAR approves compliance for KDPOF automotive optical Gigabit Ethernet KD1053

KDPOF Automotive Optical Gigabit Ethernet Receives Compliance Approval from JASPAR

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JASPAR (Japan Automotive Software Platform and Architecture) announced that KDPOF’s automotive optical Gigabit Ethernet technology has successfully achieved their conformance tests. With the KD1053, KDPOF provides the first IEEE® Std…