IEEE 802.3 Automotive Optical Multi-Gigabit Standard

The key development objectives for the new standard target outranging performance. The high speed will reach at least 25 Gb/s and will be scalable to 50 or 100 Gb/s. The temperatures range from -40 °C to 105 °C. Distances are 15 meters with 4 inline connectors for cars and 40 meters for cars and buses. […]

Relevant use cases from different carmakers in Europe and the USA incorporate the comprehensive features and benefits of optical network technology. These include the interconnectivity of telematics control modules with the optical links, providing reliable reception and increased dynamic range of detected signals. Redundant and safe backbones for autonomous driving guarantee ASIL-D safety architecture with […]

KDPOF will proudly display the world’s first demonstration of an automotive-grade optical transmission system with 50 gigabits per second single lane at the Automotive Ethernet Congressfrom February 12 to 13, 2020 in Munich, Germany. In his presentation, “Optical Multi-Gigabit Ethernet – on the Verge of Standardization and Implementation,” on February 13 at 14:30, Carlos Pardo, CEO […]

KDPOF Presented Low Cost, Low Weight, and EMC Robustness of Gigabit Ethernet POF at Embedded Expo China

At the Embedded Expo China in Shenzhen, China, KDPOF was overwhelmed by the great interest in their display of the benefits of gigabit data transmission over Plastic Optical Fiber. POF is the ideal solution for camera surround view systems providing low weight, EMC robustness and consequently low price. Between 4 and 8 cameras are connected […]

KDPOF and Funzin Sign Partnership Agreement

KDPOF has signed a partnership agreement with the South Korean software development company Funzin. The goal is to work jointly on high-speed gigabit network products using Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) for automotive electronics and home networks. We will develop network applications for cars, in-home delivery for high-speed Internet, and Internet TV (IPTV). Funzin supplies 5G frequency verification […]

Embedded Expo China: KDPOF Will Present Low Cost, Low Weight, and EMC Robustness of Gigabit Ethernet POF

At the Embedded Expo China from December 19 to 21, 2019 in Shenzhen, China, KDPOF will display the benefits of 1 Gigabit data transmission over Plastic Optical Fiber (POF) at stand 1E12. POF inherently provides galvanic isolation and simplifies Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). In addition, applications profit from the low weight and low cost of optical connectivity, which […]