Industrial Products

The industrial products in the KD1000 family are targeted for industrial applications where reliable networking in a harsh environment is a must. These products are equipped with specific features that make each ideal for industrial environments, including precision time protocol stamping at PHY layer, Industrial EMC qualification certification and industrial grade production quality .

Market Segments

The KD1000 family includes products for  the following industrial market segments:

  • Factory Communication and Robotics:  Long-reach (>150 m) POF links for the PHY layers of the PROFINET and ETHERNET IP protocols.
  • Surveillance:  Long-reach POF links for security cameras and perimetral surveillance.
  • Industrial Vision:  POF links between camera and image aquisition and processing boards.
  • Specific Markets:   Solar energy plants, wind generators, medical equipment, and hazardous environments.

Typical Applications

The KD1000 family is ideally suited for professional SFPs, high density switches, camera links, etc.


  • KD1011: The evaluation kit contains two media converter boards, KD-EVB1011B-MC-RTL8211, which interface to the included KDPOF graphical user interface (GUI) tool on a PC/MAC/Linux platform for easy monitoring and control.

    The KD-EVK1011B-MC Media Converter Evaluation Kit provides evaluation capabilities in a self-contained and flexible platform enabling product designers to successfully evaluate the performance of KD1011-based end products.

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