The Future of Mobility: KDPOF Presents Outlook for Connectivity in Intelligent Vehicles

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KDPOF welcomes proposed IEEE optical multi-gigabit automotive Ethernet standard 802.3 achieving milestone

At the The Future of Mobility event, hosted by STMicroelectronics and Plug and Play from September 12 to 13, 2022 in Catania, Italy, KDPOF CEO Carlos Pardo will present an outlook for optical connectivity in intelligent vehicles. With this event, STMicroelectronics and Plug and Play are driving open innovation to the next level by bringing together the mobility industry leaders, OEMs and suppliers. “At KDPOF, we’re proud to participate in exploring the future of mobility at this leading industry event for automotive innovations,” stated Carlos Pardo. “We’re excited to show more about our future projects and, especially, our core and corporate culture.”

As Plug and Play is a platform that connects change-makers and leading organizations the event is a great opportunity to increase the ecosystem. The agenda is fully booked with insightful panel discussions, keynotes, and presentations, addressing various questions all around the future of mobility like electrification, sustainability, and connectivity, to name some of them.

STMicroelectronics and Plug and Play teamed up to get together the leading industry players who shape the future of mobility. Plug and Play involves their mobility platforms based in the automotive industry hubs across Europe: Startup Autobahn powered by Plug and Play – based in Stuttgart, Germany; Motor Valley Accelerator – based in Modena, Italy; and Plug and Play UK. Together, they build a strong innovation ecosystem bringing together the mobility world in Europe.

Carlos Pardo looks forward to meeting you in Catania!

For more information, please see the event site The Future of Mobility