Quality and Environmental Policy

KDPOF quality assurance

Knowledge Development for POF, S.L implements a priority and permanent quality approach to achieve success. Our core business is the design, development, and sales of application specific standard integrated circuits for optical communications.

Our Quality and Environmental Policy is the reference framework for the regular definition and revision of our quality objectives and targets and is the basis for compliance and continuous improvement of our Quality and Environmental Management System, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, IATF 16949:2016, ISO 14001:2015 and other customer specific requirements.

Our drive for excellence is the essential working spirit of the company, and strategy is our strength. Planning, transparency, and pro-activeness are the core values of our quality strategy, and customer satisfaction is our metrics for success. We understand that customer needs and expectations are as important as our creativity, and we work to excel by keeping the following principles in mind:

  • Customer -centric: our customers are at the center of our core values and operational strategies. We actively listen and focus on creating and delivering world-class quality and an outstanding customer experience.
  • Challenge the limits with excellence and quality: we are built to integrate safety, security, reliability, compliance, and quality into our products, technologies, services, and our entire business by being excellent in everything we do.
  • Human centric organization: we focus on the human being to see people – values, thoughts, and experiences that we all share – as most important. All of us embody a discipline of quality and holistically drive continuous improvement, prevention, and closed-loop learning.
  • Honesty, transparency, and respect: to achieve our goals, we must execute with discipline, act with urgency, act with honesty, transparency, and integrity in every aspect of our business, and treat each other and our business partners with dignity and respect.
  • Positive impact in our employees and in our world: we believe that the climate change is a serious environmental, economic, and social challenge that warrants an equally serious response by governments and the private sector. We are committed to increasing energy efficiency and lowering the total carbon footprint for our products and services.

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