KDPOF technology can be tailored to specific applications in order to provide the best trade-off among implementation complexity, achievable performance, and target cost. That is why we believe in the value of an early collaboration with our partners, from the beginning stages of product development. Not only will this enable an optimum co-design of the different system parts (digital processing, mixed signal front ends, and optoelectronics), this collaboration translates into a high integration level and important reductions of the BOM (Bill of Materials) and costs in the final products.

KDPOF is a proud member of the following Groups:

  • Southern Europe Cluster of Photonics SECPHO
  • Spanish Platform of Photonics Fotonica21
  • Spanish association for the electronics Industry SECARTYS
  • Spanish Platform for Smart Cities SmartLivingPlat
  • Automotive SiG for Ethernet in automotive OPEN

KDPOF has established strategic alliances with leading technology providers around the optoelectronics technology: