Company Overview

KDPOF develops state of the art microelectronics for high speed communications over large core Plastic Optical Fiber (POF). By providing a flexible, robust and affordable Gigabit networking technology that efficiently approaches the theoretical limit of the channel, KDPOF makes Gigabit communication over POF a reality.

A fabless silicon company, KDPOF develops communication technology based on a unique combination of key elements belonging to the state of the art of digital communications and information theory. Our adaptive and efficient system is able to work with a wide range of optoelectronics and low-cost large core optical fibers.

Our design flow delivers a seamless optimization of all the system components, while the analog and digital components of the system are closely integrated to allow for maximum communication capacity over dispersive large core fibers. Thanks to our unique design flow and ASIC architecture, we are able to provide a dramatic reduction of the risks, costs and time-to-market.

KDPOF technology has been selected as the standard of choice within IEEE and ETSI as our integrated circuits use advanced communications techniques to obtain the best performance from the plastic optical fiber channel. Our technology provides 1 Gbps POF links for home, automotive and industrial networks that are otherwise limited to 100 Mbps (home networking and industry) or 150 Mbps (automotive).

Among different public recognitions, KDPOF is proud to belong to the exclusive club of Spanish “PYME INNOVADORA” which delivers the Spanish Government to the top innovative SMEĀ“s in the country



KDPOF technology is especially advantageous for:

Long reach applications…

Like industrial Fast Ethernet where the goal is to maximize the coverage of 100 Mbps links at lengths up to 200 meters (using green light) or more than 150 meters (using red light) of standard SI-POF while preserving the electromagnetic interference immunity. Current products in the market provide only 100 Mbps links up to 50 meters, which is significantly under the link budget requirements demanded by industrial applications.

Short reach applications…

Like home, small office, and automotive networks, where more than 1 Gbps can be provided in the range of 80 meters of standard SI-POF. Available products today provide only 1 Gbps up to 5 meters or 200 Mbps up to 50 meters for home network applications, and up to 150 Mbps in short range (15m) automotive applications like MOST.

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