Automotive Products


KDPOF technology enables a new generation of low-cost, reliable Gigabit data links for automobile networks. The automotive products within the KD1000 family are PHYs that offer Fast and Gigabit Ethernet over low-cost, automotive-qualified, standard POF and optoelectronics with the choice of either standard xGMII Ethernet or video Interfaces.

KDPOF offers a full automotive solution in partnership with Avago Technologies and Yazaki that provides:

• Seamless FOT-PHY integrated development

• Full harness solution for the automotive market

Although with a long tradition in the automotive market with a record of 0 ppm since 2005, now, POF at 1 Gbps has been tested in independent labs, such as Yazaki, Avago Technologies, SMSC and Harman and is currently under evaluation at several leading automotive organizations like JASPAR and OPEN Alliance. Leading car makers and suppliers like Toyota, Volvo, Jaguar-Land Rover, Valeo, Harman, Melexis, and Omnivision have shown interest in KDPOF technology and solutions for the automotive industry.

The automotive version of the 1 Gbps over POF communication PHY layer is already under standardization in IEEE, 802.3bv and will eventually be published as a new Ethernet interface 1000BASE-RH.

TheAutomotive Kitre is an Automotive Kit available for purchase that enables full testing of the KD1000 capabilities in Automotive environments.

Download Automotive Kit Brochure