PSA takes the fast lane in automotive electronics (



March 06, 2017. By Christoph Hammerschmidt for

Smart2zero on-line publishing echoes PSA Group currently on the fast track in terms of automotive Electronics. Gigabit over Plastic Optical Fiber is named as an ideal technology to support the future requested automotive data networks.

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First POF transceiver for automotive Gigabit Ethernet sampled

February 07, 2017 // By Christoph Hammerschmidt in EE-Times Europe.

Gigabit Ethernet in the car is getting into gear: Fabless chipmaker KDPOF (Madrid, Spain) has introduced the KD1053 transceiver chip for plastic optical fiber (POF). The device is designed for use with automotive qualified photonics, including 650nm RCLED, LED, and Si PIN PD that are currently used in existing automotive products, with updated analog optoelectronics/interfaces.

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Transceiver für Automotive-Gigabit-Ethernet über POF

Madrid, February 17th, 2017.

German prestigious professional publication “Elektronik Informationen” reviews KDPOF´s announcement on its first Gigabit transceiver for automotive Ethernet over Plastic Optical Fiber.

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El estándar para la fibra óptica plástica es español

Madrid, February 28th 2017

Spanish nation-wide newspaper “El Mundo”,  echoes KDPOF effort on bringing Plastic Optical Fiber into main stream standardization.

KDPOF aims to become a key player in this technology which does not require electrical connections, is cheaper and quickly becoming pervasive in homes and smart cars.” writes Alberto Iglesias Fraga for El Mundo.


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Automotive Ethernet Congress: KDPOF Will Present “Optical Ethernet in Automotive. Already a Reality”



Live Demonstration of Optical networking solutions for the World’s Top Automotive Brands

MADRID, Jan. 16, 2017  — At the upcoming Automotive Ethernet Congress on February 7 to 8, 2017 in Munich, Germany, KDPOF CEO Carlos Pardo will present “Optical Ethernet in Automotive. Already a Reality.” In the exhibition area, KDPOF will display their latest solutions on Gigabit Plastic Optical Fiber (POF). Highlights include the GEPOF (Gigabit Ethernet over POF) Automotive Kit for technology evaluation. The kit is self-contained and includes all necessary components to set up and test 100 and 1000 Mbps links over POF. It is based on KDPOF’s SFP-POF electronic board, which allows versatile, auto-grade Lab measurements at extreme operating temperature, radiation and voltage corners.

You are welcome to visit our exhibit and learn more about our automotive optical Ethernet highlights. We look forward to meeting you there.

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KDPOF and CASACOM present the next generation Home networking solution at 2016 Broadband World Forum




October 14th, 2016 @ Worldwide

In the frame of the 2016 Broadband World Forum that will take place in London-Excell 18th and 20th of October, Swiss company CASACOM and KDPOF will presente the next generation Home networking system based on KDPOF´s 1 Gbps over POF technology.

The event will be attended by telecom operators, ISPs and OEMs from all over the world. KDPOF´s and CASACOM´s technology and product proposal represent a solution to the ever-growing issues with the home network of its customers.

Japanese National project endorses 1 Gbps POF for Automotive




September 26th, 2016 @ Worldwide

Exhibiting at IEEE’s Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day which took place in Paris this year, OGEAR Japanese National project ran a demo of a 1Gbit/s automotive Ethernet stereoscopic ADAS across 15 meters of Plastic Optical Fibre (POF).

The Japanese Automotive Industry led by JASPAR organization is running a three years national funded project to develop the next generation optical networks in automotive. The first step in this race will be 1 Gbps over Plastic Optical Fiber and the chosen technology has been KDPOF´s Gigabit over POF technology.

The advantages of POF over other copper-based alternatives are well shown in the following video from the OGEAR council shown at the latest Paris Ethernet & IP Conference held in September 2016

Spanish startup takes 1Gbit automotive Ethernet to plastic



EETimes released, September 23, 2016 

Exhibiting at IEEE’s Ethernet & IP @ Automotive Technology Day which took place in Paris this year, Spanish startup KDPOF (Knowledge Development for Plastic Optical Fiber) ran a demo of a 1Gbit/s automotive Ethernet backbone across 40 meters of Plastic Optical Fibre (POF).

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New Kit demonstrates Gigabit Optical links for the Auto Industry



Just released for the Automotive Market. Gigabit Ethernet over POF Kit


MADRID, Apr. 4, 2016  — KDPOF, the leading semiconductor supplier for the Automotive connectivity over Plastic Optical Fiber, has just released a Kit aimed for the Automotive Industry evaluation of the Gigabit Ethernet over POF technolgy.

The GEPOF (nickname for Gigabit Ethernet over POF), Automotive Kit is targeted for OEM and Tier supplier technology evaluation. The kit is self-contained and includes all the needed components to set up and test 100 and 1000 Mbps links over POF.

The kit is based on the “SFP-POF” electronic board that allows versatile, auto-grade Lab measurements at extreme operating temperature, radiation and voltage corners.

The kit is fully operational just out of the box including:

  • 2 SFP-POF media converter boards
  • 15 meters of POF harness with 4 in-line connectors
  • 40 meters or a single POF harness
  • Testing auxiliar material:
    • 100/1000 SFP modules for BASE-T and BASE-X links
    • Cat5e and Twinax cables
    • 15 meters MM GOF harness for EMC measurements
    • POF link visual inspection tool

The kit is designed for operations between -40 ºC to 105 ºC with a 12 V Battery voltage supply.

A kit brochure may be downloaded HERE


Skylane Optics showcases FiTH solutions at FTTH Conference


February 10th, 2016 @ Worldwide

From February 16th to 18th 2016, Skylane Optics will exhibit at the world’s largest Fibre-to-the-Home event. Skyline will show their brand new World 1st PoF modular patch panel. 

Skylane Optics will also share its expertise together with M. Christophe Colinet from the city of Bordeaux and Mr. Dominique Roche from ETSI, during the FTTH in Luxembourg workshop on February 16th: From Wide Area Network to Home Area Network : In-Home Plastic Optical Fibre demands and challenges. What are the challenges in moving from FTTH to FiTH ? What can FTTH bring to inside-the-house networks?

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