Live Demonstration of Optical networking solutions for the World’s Top Automotive Brands


DETROIT, Oct. 21, 2014  — At the 2014 SAE Convergence Conference & Exhibition, KDPOF, a global innovation leader in semiconductor solutions for optical communications, will showcase its full line of automotive connectivity technologies, including its Plastic Optical Fiber Automotive Ethernet portfolio and solutions for Broadcomm´s BroadR-Reach® bridging. KDPOF’s automotive integrated circuits (ICs) are driving disruptive innovation throughout the industry, providing the technology required to deliver advanced driver safety and infotainment features to a broad spectrum of vehicles. For more news, visit KDPOF´s  Newsroom.

Industry analysts predict 100 percent of new cars to be Internet-enabled by 2025, an industry revolution that will redefine the driving experience. As a result of the significant increase in volume and complexity of in-car electronics, demand for connectivity solutions that offer low-cost, high speed transmission and bandwidth is on the rise. Collision warnings, comfort controls, infotainment and advanced driver assistance are just some of today’s sophisticated features enabled by KDPOF´s  technology.

SAE Convergence attendees can experience live demonstrations of the following KDPOF´s automotive connectivity products:

  • KDPOF´s POF Based Gigabit and 100 Mbps PHY Automotive Ethernet technology, allows multiple in-vehicle systems (such as infotainment, on-board diagnostics and automated driver assistance) to simultaneously access information over step Index Plastic Optical fiber cabling. By eliminating cumbersome, shielded and unshielded copper cabling, automotive manufacturers can significantly reduce weight and EMC issues while maintaining the demonstrated reliability of optical links.
  • KDPOF´s POF/Copper enabled switch reference design, enables a switched topology in the future car with the possibility to interconnect different Ethernet compatible network protocols like Broadcom´s proprietary BroadR-Reach® running at 100 Mbps and Gigabit enabled protocols like 1000BASE-T, 1000BASE-FX or Gigabit POF. Thanks to KDPOF´s switch reference design, automotive customers will enjoy the flexibility to select the best network alternative for each domain of the vehicle among low (100 Mbps) and high (1000 Mbps) speeds and copper (shielded or unshielded) or POF media while keeping a unique star-based topology.






Binghamton, NY – 20th October 2014

Electronic Links International, Inc. is introducing a POF Media Converter Kit capable of delivering 1 Gbps data over 50 meters of POF duplex wire. The system is based on the Gigabit Ethernet POF transceivers chips from KDPOF. The converter is a point to point high quality reliable conversion of a copper signal to Plastic Optical Fiber.

For more information visit ELII´s webpage at ELII



Zurich October 1st 2014

CASACOM, a Swiss-based company with sales and distribution in the major countries in Europe, has launched the first commercial Gigabit POF DIY kit.

Built around the KD1001 chip from KDPOF, the kit contains two media converters along with 50 meters of SI-POF cable and all the needed tools to build an easy DIY point to point link.

The kit is aimed towards installers and hobbyists which are in search of an easy an affordable technology for a data link where neither WiFi nor PLC are able to deliver true Gigabit performance regardless of the environment situation.kit-de-instalación-Gigabit-FOP

More information at NEWS LINK (in Spanish)

We invite you to check this great video from Fränkische´s Datalight © POF based system. It tells in a very eye-catching way the advantages that a POF based home network brings to the user compared to traditional Cat 5, copper systems.

As mentioned in other post Fränkische is launching a well thought line of Kits aimed towards installers which would like to cover the  increasingly growing market of home data networks.

You may check this new great video at: VIDEO






Madrid, May the 6th 2014

Fränkische, and Industry leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of technically superior products for the building technology and industrial applications has presented a new innovative, leading edge POF based home networking solution under the brand Datalight.


Fränkische is offering a full, self-contained solution for electrical installers that wish to offer a full ethernet installation to final home users and constructors. The kit contains all the needed componentes for the installation: POF cable, wall plug access points and switch. This video shows the kit contents.

The installation of the Datalight kit is easy and does not require any configuration or technical skill from the installer. An overview of the installation steps can be seen in the following video.

For further information on Datalight follow this link.










Beijing March 31st 2014

The IEEE 802.3 Ethernet Working Group plenary has authorized formation of a Study Group to develop a Project Authorization Request (PAR) and Criteria for Standards Development (CSD) document for Gigabit Ethernet over Plastic Optical Fiber.

This is the first step towards the standardization of 1 Gbps over POF as part of the Ethernet set of technologies. The motion was supported by engineering experts belonging to major companies around the Ethernet equipment and technologies market which see the 1 Gbps over POF technology as a promising new Ethernet physical layer on markets like Automotive, Home and SOHO networks and Industrial environments.

The Study Group will review the broad market potential and the technical and economical feasibility of the technology and will apply for the next step in the standardization process which is the creation of the Working Group. The WG will work on the standard creation.

The Call For Interest presentation can be found here.

For further information or if you would like to participate in the Study and Working groups you may get in touch with KDPOF at




Madrid, 24/3/2014

When?            30.03.-04.04.2014
Where?           Frankfurt, Hall 9 Booth A80.2

It is a fact:  a stable IP home network for TV, Smart Home and Internet becomes increasingly important. This year Homefibre will present you the latest developments and benefits of an optical home network with DATA LIGHT as well as the Gigabit Ethernet transmission over POF (Polymer Optical Fiber).
For further information contact Homefibre at

See you soon! The time is ready for an Optical Home Network!




San Francisco, March 2014

The POF AC, Polymer Optical Fiber Application Center from Nuernberg demonstrated KDPOF´s Gigabit POF technology in its booth during the last OFC Conference held in San Francisco.

According to the booth visitors, the new 1 Gbps over POF technology and the ASSP´s products from KDPOF are a major step forward in the development of different solutions in markets like home networks, automotive or professional applications.

The demonstration consisted on a Gigabit camera streaming data over 50 m of SI-POF. The point-to-point link was realized using KDPOF´s evaluation kit consisting on one pair of media converter boards.

The kit can be ordered from KDPOF website for evaluation purposes.

Home Fibre and Mitsubishi will show KDPOF´s 1 Gbps POF technology in action during the IBS 2014 Show in Las Vegas. Mitsubishi will be presenting their Optohome Plastic Fiber Optic Home Network technology. They will be showing attendee’s how simple and low cost the 1 Gbps POF technology could be implemented by the builders of all forms of housing. ibs-exhibitor-logo

FTTH 2014


KDPOF will show its Gigabit POF technology up and running within commercial equipment from leading home and FTTH networking vendors like SkyLane Optics and Digital Strom at the next FTTH Conference that will take place this february in Stockholm.

Broadband Home Networks are the natural consequence of the high broadband access speeds offered by FTTH and new, easy to install and reliable technologies are needed. The concept of a mixed POF-WiFi in home network is the sweet spot that balances the need for speed, always on, always fast thanks to the POF backbone along with local WiFi AP´s providing mobility within the home.

A short presentation will be given at the Show on 19th Feb from 10:00 to 10:20 at the Exhibitor Presentation Room. The full program for the Exhibitor Presentation Room can be found on the conference website:

See you at SkyLane Optic´s booth S22, at the next FTTH Conference in Stockholm. See you there!