KDPOF is currently hiring exceptional and talented people for several technical positions within our company.

Candidates should have proven experience in the field of microelectronics and the ability to work well in a dynamic team environment.

Engineers at KDPOF use cutting-edge technology to develop innovative fiber optic network solutions. The company provides attractive salary and benefits packages, in line with the candidate’s experience and results.

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Electronic Design Engineer

Work profile:

Member of small team that gives service to customers and the rest of the company in specifying, designing, testing and supporting for manufacturing electronic boards.The systems that need to be developed include:

– Evaluation Boards and Reference Designs of the ASICs developed in the company
– Gigabit Ethernet interfaces: PHY and switches, parallel and serial xMII interfaces (> 1 GHz)
– Boards with high speed A to D and D to A converters and clock synthesis from DC to > 500 MHz to support ASIC emulation

The tasks that are responsibility of the team include:

– Specification of the systems to develop
– Writing of the User Manual of the systems to develop
– Electrical design and PCB design of the boards
– Specification of test procedures to validate the design and the manufacturing
– Testing of the boards in the laboratory according to previous procedures
– Use of laboratory instruments (Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyser, Vector Network Analyser)
– Assists in educating FAE’s on customer´s new technologies, new product features and their related business value.Locally or in client’s house


– Experience in PCB design
– Experience in EDA. Previous knowledge of Altium Designer is welcomed
– Fluent written and verbal English communication skill is a must: all internal documentation is written in English
– Some experience in Matlab, C, or TCL, to automate the validation tests
– Knowledge of high speed analog and digital design, EMI/EMC and PDN design techniques


– Continuous search for technical excellence,Passion for learning from experience
– Critical and constructive attitude
– Capability to accept system design responsibilities. Design: in a broad sense, not just PCBs
– Proactive (problem solving) attitude
– Team membership attitude.